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Understanding the science of Physiotherapy Business
Physio Business Growth gives you everything you need to grow your business to a whole new level of success, regardless of how long you've been in business. 

Francis - NSW
Physio Business Growth Masterclass
Through our individualised programme, we will help you achieve:
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  •  Marketing strategies with an effective Annual Marketing Calendar
  •  Clinician satisfaction with high staff retention 
  •  Rrecruitment strategies that produce fast results 
  •  A valued patient services team 
  •  Higher saturation rates for your clinicians  
  •  CPD programmes for all levels of clinician experience 
  •  Leadership programs to leverage expertise within the business 
  •  An efficient system of tracking the Key Performance Indicators (that matter) and knowing how to shift them  
  •  Systemised performance coaching for all team members
  •  Embedding the latest cutting-edge trends and evidence based protocols from around the world directly into your business  
  •  Deliver a Model of excellence 
  •  Reduced stress 
  •  Exit strategies with a much higher sellable asset value 
  •  And of course, a significantly improved bank balance 
Physio Business Growth will help you achieve
  •  Increased Profitability
  •  Exit strategies of high value
  •  High functioning teams that pursue excellence at every step
  •  A business that produces income with or without you
  •  High staff retention
  •  Less stress and better lifestyle
  •  Automated process with high quality delivery
  •  A platform established within a 12 month timeframe
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How your business will grow with Physio Business Growth
  •  Leadership qualities required to drive a business
  •  Create a high performing team culture
  •  High staff productivity levels
  •  Staff retention and recruitment strategies
  •  Induction and training programs for both clinicians and the support team
  •  Gold standard customer service levels throughout the whole team
  •  A highly sellable and valuable business
  •  Marketing strategies to drive numbers in abundance
  •  How to track and move your numbers 
  •  Performance coach your team with confidence and create a positive environment
  •  Gold-standard clinical standards produced at every patient contact
  •  Outstanding practice managers 
12-month structured and individualised programme
Your business success in 3 distinct phases.
Phase 1: Insights
  •  Diagnostic covering every aspect of your business
  •  Business Building Programme Action Plan -  specific to your requirements 
  •  Team alignment - a culture of pursuing excellence - turning your team to a powerful unit 
Phase 2: Launch
  • Metric mastery - understanding and moving the numbers that count
  •  Driving the numbers - revenue gemeration
  •  Establishing authority - your elite service model 
Phase 3: Leverage
  • Performance coaching - lead your team to new heights
  •  Leveraging leadership - creating and developing team leaders 
  •  Asset realisation - maximising your business value
Programme breakdown
Find out how each step in each of the phases above will help grow your business.
Phase 1 - Step 1:
The Diagnostic
The first step of any treatment requires a thorough diagnosis. The same applies to any business undergoing transformation. It "tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" bringing clarity to your specific strengths, weaknesses,  market opportunities and priorities.  
Phase 1 - Step 2:
Business Pathway
Clinically, once the assessment procedures are complete, a treatment plan is developed specific to the patient's needs.  Like this, we develop a game plan specific to your business and your goals with timelines and accountability measures to ensure accelerated results. 
Please 1 - Step 3:
Cultured Leadership 
Culture is the exponential growth factor with any business and either accelerates or hinders growth. Leadership skills throughout every step of your business are embedded. If you expect a certain behaviour you must be able to inspect it, which means it must be first defined.
Phase 2 - Step 4:
Measure for Improvement 
It is essential to understand the numbers that drive performance, both clinically and commercially. Know what to measure, how to interpret numbers and more importantly how to move them.
Phase 2 - Step 5:
Functional Marketing
Marketing is an essential component and requires a multifaceted approach to turn those coming through your door from a "dribble to a Tsunami" .
Phase 2 - Step 6:
Gold Standard Pathways
Provide service beyond expections. Turn your business into an authority in your area which is recognised and respected as an elite model of physiotherapy care. 
Phase 3 - Step 7:
Gold Standard Coaching
Turn your team from good to great through effective performance coaching skills. Create internal growth and knock your numbers out of the ballpark.
Phase 3 - Step 8:
Gold Standard 
Automate key areas with proven systems and processes while developing leaders internally or externally, to free up your time. Create significant profit with or without you present.
Phase 3 - Step 9:
Real Asset Value
Turn your business into an incredible asset. Business value which multiples rather than adds its market value with each growth factor. 
"The Business Growth Masterclass Is A Business Defining Moment!"
Check out our UK Business Growth Masterclass
Special deal for COPA Attendees!
Click on your chosen city & date below to find out how to grow your business
Is this the right programme for you?
We know Physiotherapy business owners are typically time poor. Our learning methods are specifically suited to enable people to study at their own pace and take advantage of proven strategies, resources and the wisdom from successful trail blazers. 
  • Online Learning
  • Live workshops
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Accountability sessions
  • Practice Managers specific training
  • Mentorship
  • Tool box of resources
  • Email support
  • Tutorials
  • Training for your full team
Growth Practices
Practice Owners who've stagnated or are struggling with growing their business. Learn and embed the skills and resources to turn your business into the one you've always desired.

You don't have to do it alone or flounder with not knowing what to do next. Take the stress out of your life and grow with confidence and certainty.

Turn staff challenges into a culture building opportuinity and create a highly functioning team that performs every step of the way and enjoys the journey.
Exit Strategy Practices
Long term practice owners looking to build value before exit. 

Too many hard working valuable business owners do not end up with a sellable asset which matches the years of valuable work they've done. For many people their business is their retirement package. 

The current changing market now means that many will have to keep working well into retirement. Learn to create a highly valuable and desirable sellable asset.
Awesome results from Physio Business Growth clients around the world who have made staggering leaps in their business success
Physio Business Growth has changed my mindset towards business. The step by step stages and processes not only transformed my business, but the way I view my business. 

The solutions and process put in place are drawn from knowledge obtained from around the world, meaning market leading opportunities for your business. 

John has an uncontrollable enthusiasm that helps drive every project you work on and so we have achieved more this year than in the previous three, and there is more to come. 
Paul Goss
Body Logic Health UK
I was stuck as a solo operator for over 10 years and didn't know how to expand, working over 50 hours a week plus doing a lot of the admin work as well. 

I now have 7 therapists working for me and I now no longer have to work, knowing that my business still makes a profit. 

My business worth, as a sellable asset is now many times more and I've now got a great retirement option.
Pam Reynolds
On Balance Physiotherapy NSW
We'd been in partnership for 26 years and had stagnated. 

We realised the market was changing fast and were concerned we weren't keeping up. We lost a clinic due to a corporate takeover outside of our control. 

Last month we had a personal best month - up $10k.
Francis & Phil
Southside Physiotherapy Sydney
We have been in business for over 20-years and seemed to be working harder for less results. We struggled to recruit with only 1 applicant in the last 18 months and after putting the PBG strategies in place we had over 30 in 1 month.

We are still in the initial phase of the Physio Business Growth programme and have already added $250K into the business. 
Forster Tuncurry Physiotherapy NSW
I've increased my business volume 271% ($833k) and I now have the structures in place that means I'm tracking for a 300% increase in pure profit in this next financial year!

In short, this is the stuff that works right now!
Laurie Moore
Muscle People NZ
I've grown from 7 to 15 full time equivalents and added 1,000 treatments a month. 

I've personally gone from working as a clinician 50+ hours a week to only working when I choose to and more importantly I've added $500k profit.
Doug Bryant
Hand Rehab New Zealand
We added 20% growth in 1 year. 

The most influential addition to our business in 20 years.
Cameron Bulluss
Advanced Physiotherapy NSW
This program showed me how to follow my passion and look forward to going to work each day, knowing there is structure, ensuring we hit our endpoint. 
Ben Liddy
Central Physio & Performance Sydney
The diagnostic was very comprehensive and daunting, as after 30 years in business we thought we had a good handle on things, but it showed up a whole lot of blind spots. We're now very excited to put the game plan in action.
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This is the most comprehensive step-by-step program for obtaining explosive growth in your Physiotherapy business you'll likely ever encounter. This is not a "Guru" program that works based on one person's experience. 

Physio Business Growth is based on analysing cutting-edge high performing Physiotherapy businesses from around the world and bringing that information to you in a easy to implement practical step-by-step method. 

Physiotherapists from around the world have collaborated and shared their information to bring this programme to you.
If you've got the passion, enthusiasm and desire to make a change in your business, we have the path!
Are you ready to start growing your Physio practice?
Schedule a discovery call to find out how Physio Business Growth can help you.
Meet John Davie
 CEO & Founder of Physio Business Growth
I come from an elite sports and business background, having represented my country for over 13 years as a player and then going on to coach several different sports to an elite level in both New Zealand and Australia.
I've spent the last 35 years studying both success principles and the underlying ideologies, strategies and nuances that create Physiotherapy business success. 
Why I'm different from other coaches
  •  I  didn't become a business coach because I "couldn't wait to get out" of the hands-on aspect of the profession. I loved being a clinician and then seeing the difference I could make to my patients. I found it incredibly rewarding from a personal perspective. If it wasn't for a health issue, I would still be a clinician.
  •  I created New Zealand's largest practice in a 3-year timeframe, which grew to twice as big as New Zealand's next biggest within a 5-year period. If I had my time over again, would I do it the same way? Heck no, I'd do it a lot faster. I learnt a lot along the way and it is my mission to pass this wisdom on to others. 
This is not a one-man "Guru" programme
It has been created through the wisdom passed down from numerous high performing Physiotherapy business owners who have shared and collaborated to produce information, resources and knowledge to help others succeed. 

Credit has to also go to the many elite practices from around the world that allowed us to go and analyse why they are successful. Everybody that has contributed to making Physio Business Growth such a success, have done so because they wanted to give back to the profession.
Physiotherapy is one of the most rewarding professions
We can make such a positive impact on people's lives, however, I also believe that we are not remunerated enough for the immense good we do for communities and society. 

The reason Physio Business Growth was created, was to give back to our wonderful profession by helping those in private practice achieve the success they deserve.
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